26 May 2009

Photo of the Week #21

Kids playing with bubbles in the park.

Fractal Book

I was browsing Renderosity today and came across this post by Cornelius Van Meurs. I don't know who he is, or anything about his art. But, he has published a book of his work. For that, I give him kudos for taking that step. His book is available at lulu.com. Unfortunately, it is only available in Dutch.

It would be nice if some or all of the complainers about fractal calendars and fractal contests would do something similar.

19 May 2009

Photo of the Week #20

This was during a late afternoon storm yesterday. This is pretty much how the sky looked.

12 May 2009

Photo of the Week #19

An experiment that I thought came out well.

10 May 2009

How Soon They Forget?

I get perverse enjoyment out of reading OT. They had a short spurt of good, thought provoking, and interesting articles a couple of months back. But, lately, they seem to be back to the old ways of distortions, personal attacks, and misstatements (I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and not call them lies).

The only posts Orbit Trap has ever deleted were several written by Keith Mackay -- and those were removed at his request. If you think we censor reader responses, then test that theory. Send us your thoughts. Assuming your remarks adhere to our comments policy, you'll soon see them on this blog -- just as clearly as you can see Rick Spix's opinions above.
Well, this is not quite accurate. I've had comments deleted. OT changed their policy to moderate comments because they could not handle my questions and refutations of their posts. They refused to publish comments by at least two other responders. I know of one of the two who they have since allowed to comment. I have not bothered to try to comment once I was expelled. That's one of the reasons I started writing here.

Here are captures of comments before they were deleted. My first comment was deleted before I realized I was banned and didn't capture it. I don't remember what it was, but it wasn't liked and so it was deleted. You can go see what is still there if you find the "Beware the Anti-Fractal" post.

Of course, they will say that I "violated" their comment policy. Perhaps I did. But, they never said how I violated their comment policy. To make the claim that I violated their comment policy, but never stating how is rather disingenuous wouldn't you say? If I did, one would think it would be easy to state how and show an example. But, you won't find it.

Like attacking someone's work or character rather than addressing his or her ideas and observations?

This comment was absolutely priceless. OT has done nothing but this when it comes to discussing the BMFAC, the Fractal Universe calender, or "fractalbookers". And yet, OT has the chutzpah to claim others are guilty of doing what they accuse others of? Perhaps they are. But, one thing that has been proven beyond doubt is that this is the OT method of operation and has been for years. Hypocrisy, thy name is OT.

Oh, and the political comments give you an insight into just how the OT mind works. I know OT is dying to tie fractals with political commentary. But, it just doesn't work very well. Certainly, OT has never been able to successfully manage it.

06 May 2009

Photo of the Week #18

More flowers that survived the snow.