30 August 2009

Photo of the Week #34

Foul Ball

25 August 2009

Another Fractal Book - Kudos to Kerry

Just saw this announcement on the UltraFractal mailing list by Kerry Mitchell.

I've finally completed and published a book of my art. You can find it on Amazon.com:


It's not cheap, but it contains over 100 high-resolution color images from my web site. Go buy several! :-)
If you like Kerry's images, I'm sure you'll like the book. It's priced at $44.95. Not cheap by any means, but for a 100 page book, that's not too bad for a self-published book.

Will others follow and publish their own books? I hope so. Though, I'm sure there are some that would rather complain about things they have no involvement in or control over and try to tear them down rather than take positive steps of their own.

19 August 2009

Photo of the Week #33

12 August 2009

Photo of the Week #32

Just pretty flowers.

05 August 2009

Photo of the Week #31

03 August 2009

Benoit Mandelbrot Fractal Art Contest 2009

Well, there you have it. The Benoit Mandelbrot Fractal Art Contest 2009 has been announced. I'm sure the critics at OT are jumping with joy at the announcement.

It looks like it is basically the same format as the previous contests with one notable exception.

2.1. Eligibility: Anyone may submit their own artwork to the contest, except selection panel members and their immediate families. (See below for a list of selection panel members.)
I'm sure OT will soon be taking credit for this change. Perhaps they deserve some credit. I certainly don't have any problem with the change. But then, I didn't really object to anyone on the panel having images included in the exhibition. Yes, this event is a contest. No, it's not the kind of contest OT wants to lead everyone to believe must be run.

Will this put an end to the seemingly endless stream of posts complaining about the contest, the ethics of the organizers and judges, rules, etc.? I hope so, but being somewhat cynical about OT, I doubt it. Though, I'll be happy to be proven wrong.