30 April 2009

Photo of the Week #17

I was traveling for work this week and forgot again to post an image. This is one of our tulips that has weathered the snow of the last month pretty well. I processed this to be a bit higher contrast than as shot. I'm still trying to decide if I like it or not.

22 April 2009

Photo of the Week #16

I really need to do this on the weekend. But, I keep forgetting until a couple of days into the week when I realize I haven't picked a photo for the week yet.

This one is from last weekend. While it is spring, we had another snowstorm. It was predicted that we might get as much as three feet of snow. But, we ended up with about 8 inches. It was the really wet and heavy snow. The moisture was really needed, and the snow is mostly gone now.

The daffodil looks like a periscope popping up to see what is going on.

14 April 2009

Photo of the Week #15

Well, since it's now spring and snowing more than it did all winter, I thought I'd go back to a photo from Maui. This was one of the sunsets.

08 April 2009

Photo of the Week #14

Well, it's spring. So, that means there is more snow.