26 May 2009

Fractal Book

I was browsing Renderosity today and came across this post by Cornelius Van Meurs. I don't know who he is, or anything about his art. But, he has published a book of his work. For that, I give him kudos for taking that step. His book is available at lulu.com. Unfortunately, it is only available in Dutch.

It would be nice if some or all of the complainers about fractal calendars and fractal contests would do something similar.


Sam said...

I did publish a book about my works in French. But I did it on Viovio, and their online shop is so messy that I never let it be sold there. I rather ordered the books myself and sent them to interested people. Lulu looks much better, I might give it a try...

I think Janet made one, too, but it would be nice to see more books about fractal/algorithmic art, indeed.

Ken said...


Janet did one at Lulu, but pulled it due to inconsistent quality if I recall what she told me correctly. I think she was inclined to use Viovio, but this was a couple of years ago, so I'm not sure what she might be doing now.

I've used Viovio and Blurb for photo books. I like the quality of Viovio slightly better, but Blurb is slightly more economical. Neither meets the quality of coffee table books. But, any of the self publishing outfits are good for personal use or for small numbers of personal sales.

Unknown said...

I've published a book at Lulu.com and have another in the works (someday!). It works out well for me and Lulu has distribution packages that give you an ISBN and allow you to sell your book on Amazon, like a "real" book.