02 March 2009

Very Large Images

Well, I have to admit that the latest flurry of posts over at OT has been one of the most interesting sequences I've read there. I'm glad they took my post, or perhaps the information posted on the Ultra Fractal list where I got the information, as the catalyst to start that discussion. I find it encouraging that there is a bit of disagreement between Tim and Terry on some of the issues. It would be even more interesting to read other opinions on the subject, but that isn't going to happen there. They just don't like others contributing to their pontifications, as their comment policy and previous banning of several individuals from commenting attests.

In general, I found the exchange between Tim and Terry quite interesting. I found it informative to see the different viewpoints and various areas of agreement and, especially, areas of disagreement. There were some comments that I thought were over-the-top, and I may comment on them later. I haven't taken the time to fully organize my thoughts on the various things discussed yet. If you haven't read them, this is one time I would recommend that you do. I think it is this type of discussion that the two of them intended their blog to be.