03 March 2009

Photo of the Week #9

This photo is simply an experiment. I don't really think it succeeded, but I was trying to use camera motion to create something of an impressionistic image. Obviously, I need a lot more practice.


Unknown said...

Hi Ken,

I like it. It gives the impression of trees, even if it's not in the typical "impressionist" style.

Ken said...

Thanks Kerry. I forgot to mention in the original post that I got the idea after viewing images done by William Neill, http://web.me.com/wgneill/wnblog/PhotoBlog/Entries/2009/1/24_Rainy_day_Impressions.html.

He has lots of examples on his blog. He has also produced a book of his images. He's taken 1000's of images. I've only taken a few dozen.

kymarto said...

Ken, I have been doing a lot of images at slow shutter speeds, tracking action, etc. The bottom line is that even when you are good at it, 1% success rate is great. This is the beauty of digital: you get instant feedback on which techniques work and which don't: i.e., shutter speed, amount of movement, etc. Another thing you can try is racking the focus or zooming as you expose.