08 August 2008

The Demise Continues

It's nice to see that UF 5, with its image importing feature, is continuing to perpetuate the demise of fractal art. Of course, I'm being facetious, but this is the view of those who think using layers is bad, and the only "true" manipulation of a fractal image should be done using filters in a graphics program.

Why does it matter if one uses images or not?

Why does it matter if one uses layers or not?

Why does it matter if one destroys all visual fractal properties with filters in a graphics program or not?

Why does the path to the result matter to anyone other than the artist?

Here are a few images that use image importing.

Cheesy, but still fractal.


I like it. Is it hurting your art somehow?

Another one well done. Is it harmful to your art?

Cartoonish? You bet. Fractal? Nope. Certainly a valid piece of art. How good, you decide.

I think this is one of the best ones I've seen.

I'd still like to see an explanation of how or why any of these examples are bad. Some are obviously better than others, and I'm sure some prefer different ones than I do.

How do they hurt fractal art as some allege?

Aren't they simply expressions of the artists?