30 July 2008

Layering Is Bad?

I'm trying to figure out why layering is a bad thing. Perhaps someone can explain why with some examples. Whenever I look for examples, I conclude that layering is a good thing.

Take the image in this post.

Is it a better image that this one?

Or perhaps better than this one?

Or maybe this one?

How about this one?

Could you tell, without the description, that the last one used the image importing feature of UF 5?

I don't think I've made images as bad as the first one since I first started using Fractint. I certainly never made them public. The colors chosen, however easily it may have been to choose them, are hideous.

I don't even like all of the other examples, but I like them far better than the first image. Perhaps I just don't appreciate the "art" in the first one. Or, I've just been corrupted by UF?

I see art in all of the images except the first one. I see plenty of fractal properties in all the images.

But, I certainly would appreciate someone explaining to me what it is that I'm not seeing in the first image.

Can anyone help me?


kymarto said...

You are obviously a philistine who knows nothing about fine art :-)}


Ken said...

Well, I know I'm far from an expert at critiquing and creating art. But, I know what I like and what I don't. I do find it funny or ironic or something to read someone criticize the work of others while at the same time consistently posting the most hideous images I've seen in years.

kymarto said...

That's only your opinion that they are hideous...well...yours and mine... but perhaps there is someone out there that likes them. Someone? Anyone?


WelshWench said...

Your problem is that you're not gullible enough to think opinion is fact and sensible enough to have your own tastes and opinions ;)

kymarto said...

Hey, it was in a blog, right? So it's got to be true.