08 April 2008


I was reading a recent entry the blog of a fellow "troll". She wrote about an interesting blog devoted to art, Lines and Colors. While browsing through some of the posts, I came across on that I found absolutely fascinating. The post talks about a web site call Worth 1000.

I've only just begun exploring the site, but one of the sections that is a lot of fun to explore is the section devoted to Photoshop. There are contests that are run routinely. Several of the galleries of the contests are devoted to taking classic paintings and manipulating them in Photoshop. These are quite fun to browse. Here are a couple of examples.

I haven't investigated the contests in enough detail to know whether or not I should be concerned about the "professionalism" of the contests. I'll leave that to other concerned parties. :-)

If you like this sort of thing, let me pass along a couple of warnings from Lines and Colors. This could easily be a time sink, and some of the images may be considered inappropriate or offensive by some.

Update: The links to the modified pictures aren't working, so I removed the pictures. You'll have to visit the site yourself to see examples.