14 April 2008

All My Kids

One of the things that I enjoy is trying new techniques with photographs. A few years ago, I got interested in panoramic photography. A good friend of mine owned a Linhof Technorama camera. This camera made photographs on medium format film that was two frames wide. Unfortunately, I no longer live near him, so I can't borrow the camera any more. They cost more than one of my cars is worth, so I won't be buying one in the near term.

But, there are some things that you can do cheaply. There is some pretty amazing software that is available for free or little cost. Many of these tools are based on the freeware Pano Tools package.

One that I have used is called PTGui. It puts a nice GUI front end on the PanoTools library and makes the creation of panoramic images much easier. Using that program, I created this image from about 13 individual images.

Click the image to view it larger.

The house in the picture is my grandparents house. It was built in 1910.


WelshWench said...

Blimey Ken: you've been busy! ;)

I like what you've done here, it's clever and fun. I'm going to have to investigate PTgui myself now.

(PS: I think it's 3 kids .. or is it 4?)

Ken said...

Ah, but it was such fun. :-)

Also take a look at AutoPano Pro, www.autopano.net. It is more expensive than PTGui, but it is has some pretty slick features. I played with a beta version a while back.

3 kids.

WelshWench said...

I've just watched the Autopano demo with my jaw on the floor! Going to download the demo and try it with some shots I took on holiday last year :)

You have a lovely family :)

WelshWench said...

Bum :( It doesn't look like it's suitable for a 64bit OS - and I've just bought a new quadcore PC and am using XPPro 64bit on it.

I was going to keep my old PC anyway (for UF animation rendering and as an emergency backup) so I could use it on that, once I've got the remote desktop thingie functioning. Must get my arse into gear and get that sorted!

Ken said...

One of the slick features about AutoPano Pro is that it will figure out which photos in a directory should go together to make up each panoramic image. It has had issues if you have a bunch of non-pano frames in the same directory.

Check the beta download page. There is an 64-bit beta version for XP.

WelshWench said...

Oooh Ken: you're in trouble with my better half, because I want to spend money again, LOL

I just downloaded the trial version of Autopano and have had a VERY quick play.

The first two links are the two separate & small panoramas I was able to compile from a total of 14 shots using PS Elements. Each uses about 2 and a half shots ;)
The third link is the result (no subsequent adjustments) after I let Autopano work its magic with all 14. To say I am impressed is putting it mildy!




I am so pleased you recommended it: now I just need some decent weather so I can take some great (I hope) panoramas of the coast.