27 October 2009

Photos of the Week #40-42

I've been playing with the Lightroom 3 beta. These images were processed with the beta version. I exported them with varying degrees of the grain feature applied. I've been reading a number of comments from photographers on various blogs that they miss the grain from film. Some Photoshop plugins allow grain to be applied to images to emulate the look of film. I'm not sure how much I like these particular images, but the features opens up lots of creative possibilities.

Now, if Adobe can get into the final release of Lightroom 3 the new Content-Aware Fill feature they are working on, that would be really slick. This feature allows you to select, or brush over, an area that you want to clone out. Make removing unwanted features from images really easy. The demo video I saw was quite impressive.

Here's another link to similar technologies being researched.

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kymarto said...

Hey Ken,

I think the Adobe guys got the idea from Alienskin Image Doctor 2.0, which has context-sensitive "Smart Fill" scratch and dust removal.