04 October 2009

Photo of the Week #39


kymarto said...

Ken, this is nice. With just a bit of easy work in PS or whatever you could clone out the lens flare and it would be even more dramatic. I tried a D3s the other day. Yikes! Very clean (like our ISO 1000) at ISO 12800, with 25600 being completely acceptable. Unbelievable.

Ken said...

I thought about that, but decided not to. I should do it and then compare the two to see which I prefer.

I got to shot one TKD test with a D700 and 24-70 2.8 lens. It does a significantly better job than the D300. Though, I know have the 17-55 2.8, and the extra 2 stops makes a huge difference.

I've seen images from the D3s, and they are wicked. That camera is great for wildlife, landscape, portraits, but not for action. It's FPS is too slow.

I've read that the D5000 has pretty good low ISO performance too. One photographer ditched his D300 for the D5000 as a backup to the D3.