25 August 2009

Another Fractal Book - Kudos to Kerry

Just saw this announcement on the UltraFractal mailing list by Kerry Mitchell.

I've finally completed and published a book of my art. You can find it on Amazon.com:


It's not cheap, but it contains over 100 high-resolution color images from my web site. Go buy several! :-)
If you like Kerry's images, I'm sure you'll like the book. It's priced at $44.95. Not cheap by any means, but for a 100 page book, that's not too bad for a self-published book.

Will others follow and publish their own books? I hope so. Though, I'm sure there are some that would rather complain about things they have no involvement in or control over and try to tear them down rather than take positive steps of their own.

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Unknown said...

Thanks, Ken! I hope that others take advantage of the opportunity to create books of their works.