02 February 2009

Photo of the Week #5

I got back from a trip to Maui a few days ago. My wife and I ditched the kids and took a trip to celebrate our anniversary. We haven't taken a trip like that since we went to the Egypt and the Red Sea and Switzerland before kids. This image is from the sunrise at the summit of the Haleakala volcano. That particular day the sunrise wasn't nearly as spectacular as many of the pictures that I'd seen. It was windy and darn cold.

The hump in the middle of the right side of the picture is the big island of Hawaii. It's about 80 miles away, if I remember correctly.

I got a nifty gadget for my camera for Christmas. The di-Pro GPS encoder. It automatically encodes the GPS information into the EXIF data for the image when you take the picture. To see the information for the above image, click this link.

I think this is pretty cool stuff. I like the idea of being able to include the map showing the location where the photograph was taken in a book. Several years from now I know I'll remember that the images were taken on Maui, but not remember where on the island they were shot. By including the location, or a small map with the printed image, it will be easy to remember where I was when I took the photograph.