09 May 2008

Praise When Praise Is Deserved

I figure since I prefer to call a spade a spade, it is only right to offer praise when it is deserved as well. The latest post at OT is one that deserves praise, as well as, the artist that they focused on in the post. This is the first truly positive post that I've seen in many months from OT. I hope they continue to find ways of positive expression.

Kerry is definitely one of the premier fractal artists today. I once described to him that I found his style "disgustingly elegant". I meant that his images often have a simplicity that I react to in a manner like "why couldn't I think of that". Of course, if I had his talent and vision, I could. But, I don't. Just as more complex images take an artistic view, so do simple images.


kymarto said...

I wish I had Kerry's mathematical understanding as well as his artistic talent!


Unknown said...

I wish I did, too! :-)

Thank you, Toby and Ken, for your kind words. I was quite shocked to see that A) OT had chosen one of my images to begin their foray into fractal art criticism, and B) they managed to discuss my work without skewering me about my involvement with the calendar (2 images and 1 cover) and the BMFAC. I had hoped that they were going to change their tack, but I guess not.