03 February 2008

Why the Blog??

Why create this blog?

Well, I decided that I would create it to write about things that I wanted to write about. Initially, I was not interested in having a blog. But, over the last few months, I'd been replying to posts on the Orbit Trap blog. Well, the administrators of that blog have decided that they no longer want to entertain any comments from me. They have changed their comment policy to moderated and refuse to publish any of my comments. In subsequent comments, they have accused me of violating their comment policy. How? I don't know. There was never any notification of what I said that was in violation of any policy. In fact, I contend my comments were, at worst, a reflection of the tone used in their original posts.

So, that is the reason that put me over the top and I decided to create a blog so that I can reply to posts if I choose. I can also write about anything else that I feel inclined to write about.